A counseling center for hope and healing.

Are you having personal or relational struggles? Has life dealt you some blows that you are not sure you can handle? Has your marriage or family gotten into a pattern you don’t like or you feel is unhealthy?

We can help.



Here at Overflow Counseling we provide solid counsel based on over 25 years of working with individuals, marriages and families.  We believe that there is a solution to every problem that is based on truth and faith in the one who created us all. This world and the forces in this world will often drag us down and try to steal, kill and destroy anything good within us or our relationships.  We are here to stand by you through the storms of life and watch with you as the only one who can calm the storm does so in your life. If you are ready and willing to receive guidance and input for your life and relationships we would love to help.  

Struggles in life can often leave us feeling stuck and hopeless.  At Overflow we believe change is possible and can flow from the inside out as we are open to new solutions.  We offer counseling, guidance and mentoring for those struggles in life. Issues like anxiety or depression, relational struggles, grief, or addictions can feel like they are overtaking our lives.  We are here to encourage you that there is hope. We have seen countless lives changed by seeking new solutions to the complicated issues of life. We believe there are timeless truths that when applied bring true change and healing.

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Individual and Marriage and Family

  • Counseling support and education

Group Counseling

  • The Wounded Heart (Healing from Sexual Abuse for Women)

  • Women’s Reproductive Issues (miscarriage and infertility)

  • Anger Reduction and Management (Co-Ed)

  • Co-dependency Group for Individuals and Family Members of those who are addicted


  • Marriage Preparation and Enrichment

  • Parenting